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The Library of Things is my graduation movie which I made with my 12 classmates and some students from other departments as, montage, sound, composing, scenario and a director. It is an animation short about a librarian, with her cat, who discovers a new world within her library. We wanted to make a 4 minute short but to tell the story correctly it turns out to be an 8 minute short.

We started in August 2017 with a first version of the scenario. This was a very basic version of the story. In the two months after that we built up the story of how it is now and at the same time, we were brainstorming about the look of the film and the characters.

For this animation short, I had the opportunity to be the lead groomer. For the grooming we used Xgen. I didn’t use Xgen before this project and within one and a half month, I learned to work with Xgen, groomed eight assets and groomed two of the characters, Marijke (the main character) and Roald (The Cat). Besides of this, I helped my classmates, learning how to use Xgen so that more people could work with it. We didn’t use Yeti because we didn’t have enough licenses to fit it correctly in or Pipeline.

But grooming wasn’t my only job. My other main job was creating the cat Roald one of the three characters. More about Roald you can find under the ‘Work’ tab.
And my other functions where; FX, compositing, animation, visual development, and lighting. Those function where a little bit smaller for me but not less necessary.



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[rd_lists_ctn][rd_list title="Client:"]School and AVRO Tros[/rd_list][/rd_lists_ctn][rd_lists_ctn][rd_list title="Function:"]Lead Grooming, Modeling, FX, Surfacing, Compositing, Animation, Visual development, Lighting[/rd_list][/rd_lists_ctn][rd_lists_ctn][rd_list title="Software:"]Xgen, Maya, Zbrush, Houdini, Substance Painter, Nuke, Photoshop[/rd_list][/rd_lists_ctn]
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