An assignment with every department of the film academy. Make a fiction film in the studio with use of the Lightcraft system.

From November 23th until December 18th we had the time for concept development and making a previs. On December 18thwere the pitches, where the teachers chose 3 projects (of the total 6 projects) that may precede the execution of the film after the Christmas holiday.

Our idea was chosen so after the holiday our team was doubled and we had two more months to finish the film. The visual effects department consisted of Joppe de Graaf, me (the original team), Jesper van den Ende, Jurgen Hoogeboom and Bram Vrielink.

For the previs I created the moodboards, style frames, environment for the Light craft system and of course complete the previs.
After the holiday I made the planning for the whole VFX department, but overall I was busy with creating clouds in Houdini. The clouds were used a lot in the film so I couldn’t do it alone, Bram helped me to create them all in time. On the set, I collected all the data that was useful for the pre-phase with Setellite. I also helped with the placing of the trackers for every shot.

In the pre-phase, I created a lot more clouds and I composited some shots.

Tagline film: A Pilot is seduced by sirens in a heavy storm.

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[rd_lists_ctn][rd_list title="Client:"]School[/rd_list][/rd_lists_ctn][rd_lists_ctn][rd_list title="Function:"]VFX generalist, Head FX, Concepting, previsualization, Set supervision[/rd_list][/rd_lists_ctn][rd_lists_ctn][rd_list title="Software:"]Houdini, Maya, Nuke, Light craft, Setellite[/rd_list][/rd_lists_ctn]
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