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The second Houdini assignment. Make your own creature within Zbrush, textured in Mari and add some dynamics with Houdini. Freeze the dynamic and make a camera movement where it looks like the time stands still.

The story I wanted to tell was about a little dragon that has to survive in the bare winter. He sees a last piece of fruit hanging on a branch above a ravine. When he spits fire to burn the branch the time will be put on hold.

My idea of the dragon was that it should not be full-grown dragon. I also wanted to give it a little bit of a cartoony look. I hoped that he looked a little bit cute but also a little bit silly.

Besides of the dragon, I created trees, cliffs and the piece of fruit on Zbrush. In Houdini I created next to the fire, snow and clouds. All the models are textured in Mari as the assignment indicates. Then I composited every layer in Nuke to make it look like one.

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