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The Artis assignment. Sketch different animals from Artis (Zoo in Amsterdam), pick one of them and make it in 3D. Intergrade the 3D model in an own made picture.

Going on the base of my drawings and visits of Artis I decided to go for the ‘red-eyed tree frog’. This is very flexible and colorful creature. Hereby I got the freedom to play with the pose and texturing.
With this animal in my head I went to the park to take photos of leaves, branches and other things where I could intergrade my frog on.
In a week and a half, I modeled the frog in Zbrush, textured it in Mari and combined everything in Photoshop.

For my thesis about Clarisse iFX I tested my frog. I used the 3D model with textures and I tried to create the same lighting and change the color of the frog.

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