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Zbrush/Rigging assignment. Create a half human/half animal creature and make it anatomical correct to rig it after that. This assignment is a creation of two master classes given by Maarten Verhoeven for Zbrush and Perry Leijten for Rigging.

My idea was to create a faun.

We received a very basic (human) model. I started to change the feet’s to create the hooves. Then I started to sculpt the muscles, first I made a young body get everything anatomical correct. When I was pleased with the result, I started to sag everything. When I was doing that, the body felt older right away and I got the feeling as if the skin was on the muscles.
After that, I started to rig and UV my model in Maya.
In Mari I textured the model and made all the skin layers. I used the Al shader to assemble every layer.

To complete my character, I will give him some fur, first made in Zbrush for the guides and export it to Maya to use Yeti, and I will add some clothes with Marvelous designer.

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[rd_lists_ctn][rd_list title="Client:"]School, Myself[/rd_list][/rd_lists_ctn][rd_lists_ctn][rd_list title="Function:"]Sculpting, Rigging, UV’ing, Surfacing, Grooming[/rd_list][/rd_lists_ctn][rd_lists_ctn][rd_list title="Software:"]Zbrush, Maya, Mari, Yeti[/rd_list][/rd_lists_ctn]
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