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The first Houdini assignment. Make something with dynamics in it.

‘ When you can’t sleep just count some sheep’s’. With this on my mind I came to this idea. When you are somebody in the visual effects industry you can’t just count sheep’s… because everything has to explode (as people always think of us outside the industry). But exploding a sheep that is pathetic…unless you add confetti to it. And that is how the Exploding confetti sheep has been created.

To save some time, so I could focus myself more on the dynamics, I choose to skip concepting the sheep. Therefore I used Franck the sheep as model, who is made by Blender. I recreated the model in Zbrush, which I’ve used for the first time. Then I started to create the fur for my sheep’s, the grass and the explosion. The explosion I made with Pyro Billowy smoke and the confetti is made out of particles.

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